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We have many quality products that Medline manufactures such as comfortaire briefs, nutrasheild protectant creams, bariatric briefs, perineal spray wash, and more. All high quality products delivered in a timely, discrete way. We stand by our products. Incontinent supplies available here for elder and geriatric nursing care are priced as low as our competitors, even some of the biggest names. In addition we can provide professional advice at no charge. The availability of these products may change, however we'll always be in contact with any requests for additional supplies you may need. If its other than incontinent supplies, we can help with over 2,000 products as well. The use of incontinent products sometimes requires the use of other products to compliment safe and practices that allow for healthy outcomes. The use of barrier creams can help prevent rashes in the person who is constantly incontinent. The overuse of barrier creams can also add to problems by sealing in microbes which ultimately create other problems. Find additional instructions in our blog. Advanced perineal sprays and wipes clean and sooth the irriations commonly associated with the skin irritation from bodily fluids. Many items can be found here or at our other amazon powered site

The very best way to avoid diaper rashes is to properly use adult diapers and have the knowledge and experience to even eliminate diaper rashes. Call toll free 928-201-4002 for R.N. professional advice 24 hr/ day 7 days/week

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Cleanliness and Health with Dignity

Life can become simply miserable when it becomes uncomfortable or even painful to use the restroom, especially for seniors or the disabled. Don’t succumb to depression or illness; with our selection of adult briefs and bedside commodes, you’ll be able to protect yourself or someone you love from the discomfort, irritation, and embarrassment of incontinence and limited mobility. Check out our great selection of adult incontinence products!

Comfort and Well-Being

Advanced age and disability can make it extremely difficult and even impossible to leave the bed; improper care can lead to pressure sores, the growth of bacteria, and eventual sickness and other added discomforts. Protect yourself, your patients, or someone you love with our collection of bed pad protectors and underpads. Designed for durability and absorbency, they’ll keep you comfortable, clean, and worry-free.

Excellent and Affordable Skin Care 

Skin care and cleanliness are of the utmost importance for those confined to a bed through illness, disability, or age; along with pressure ulcers and sores, prolonged immobility can lead to further discomfort and sickness. With our selection of high-quality barrier protective creams, your skin will remain clean, dry, and fresh feeling. Restore your skin health today!

For the widest selection of incontinence supplies and senior care products, look no further for just what you need to care for the ones you love. If you have any questions about our products or need help finding the right padding or adult briefs for all types of incontinence, don’t hesitate to contact us at . We’d love to help you right away!

Almost all of the products on this site are less cosly when bought in bulk. There will certainly be items that are not practical to buy in bulk. Commodes, air mattresses and shower chairs cetainly are not needed in bulk. Items such as syringes, absorbable briefs, bibs, bed pad protectors, and sometimes barrier creams can certainly be made less costly when more than one or two are bought. Any questions about these products or the costs can be answered at 928-201-4002 R.N.s available 24/7 And remember Nurse Home Supplies Will Not Be Under Sold!